Reiki is an energetic healing modality – one which assists in  relaxation and  reduction of stress  promoting health in Body, Mind and Spirit.
The word  Reiki comes  from two Japanese words – Rei which means universal and Ki which means life force. read more

EarthWise Reiki is based on the foundational teachings and concepts of Usui Reiki.

Weaving the Web – What is  EarthWise Reiki?

EarthWise Reiki combines the energetics of Universal Life Force, Nature’s vibrational healing properties, information and tools to assist you in focusing on creating your best expression of health and ease with Intuitive messages and guidance EarthWise Reiki offers a multi-dimensional  healing  platform with a ‘whole body’ holistic  intention to best serve Body, Mind and Spirit.



Natural Energies
Integrating the  vibrational qualities of sound, light, earth, wind, water and the mineral kingdom with an environmental consciousness and the wisdom shared by indigenous cultures worldwide brings a depth of expression and experience to each EarthWise Reiki session.

Some of the most empowering  EarthWise Reiki sessions and attunements take place outside.  Infusing Mother Earth’s natural energetic frequencies into our ‘work’  while connecting with Universal Life Force Reiki – an incredible combination offering full spectrum vibrational balance and healing.


EarthWise Reiki  – Healing and Balance for Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit
EarthWise Reiki can be very  successful in creating a truly multi-dimensional approach to assisting you  in moving more fully into your  best expression of well-being  and  is quickly becoming an effective healing approach  that is opening the path for life changing  personal empowerment and transformation.


In January 2013 I received my Karuna Reiki Master Teacher Certification. The exponential shift in energetic transmission has been a delightfully rewarding addition which I share with my clients as will best serve them.

Intuition  and  Compassionate Channeling

As a natural intuitive, I open myself (if that is your desire) to  access to information, channeled messages and  guidance from your guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, the animal and bird kingdom which may come through to assist you. It is common for your session to include inspiration and information one might not usually receive in a ‘conventional’   Reiki session.


Classic Wisdom
The inspirational messages of  classic writers and motivational speakers like Og Mandino, US Andersen, Verle Minto, Black Elk, William Dudley Pelley  and  Edgar Cayce ~ and so many more provide a foundation of wisdom.     Simple and basic ‘Universal Truths’ – shared with intention of opening our awareness to the perfection of our human individuality serve us well as we choose to expand our experience of life.

Today’s Teachers
EarthWise Reiki adds  the best tools and practical suggestions  of today’s personal empowerment leaders –  Esther and Jerry Hicks, Byron Katie, Hew Len  iHaleakala, Carolyn Myss,  Depak Chopra, Dan Millman, Lynn Andrews, Eckhart Tolle,  Vianna Stibal, Eric Pearl, Robert Stevens, Don Miguel Ruiz, Scott Kalechstein Grace, Alan Cohen Wayne Dyer, Dain Heer and Gary Douglas,  and the many, many authors whose articles and inspiration  I featured in Voice Of Choices Magazine in addition to studying their work personally.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClasses – Mentoring – Apprenticeships
EarthWise Reiki offers classes – personal mentoring and individual apprenticeships.Classes are held in the Everett, WA area – please inquire about hosting a class in your area.
Mentoring and Apprenticeships can include in person work and ongoing follow up via Skype.

Ministerial Services

As an ordained minister I also offer Ceremonial and Ritual Services
Weddings – Hand Fasting – Vow Renewals – Soulful Separations –  House Blessings – Energetic Clearings – Remembrances  and more.
Together we create the ceremony or ritual that honors your personal beliefs  and spirituality.

 Krystalys Creations ~ Transformational Treasures
Many years ago I was also guided to begin creating ‘Krystalys Creations’ – hand crafted  tranformational treasures.  Every one  made with love, combining an intuitive and energetic intention that each unique ceremonial tool, medicine bag/possibles pouch or crystal/mineral combination power piece  serve the one who can best use its  energetic properties.  For examples of commissioned pieces and information on the process for creating something for you please check out Treasures.

Assistance With  Loved Ones
Having done extensive caregiving and elder care, and with in-home care giver training, I am available to combine Reiki sessions with in-home, hospital, rehabilitation center  or AFH/Assisted Living visits. As a minister I can visit, sit with  and share Reiki  – even when other visitors  are not allowed.
Contact me for more information.

More about my background, experience and focus.

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