My Personal Journey – A  Path of  Service

As a natural intuitive, it was at a very young age that I began to feel, experience and know there is more to life than what ‘meets the eye’ .
Precognitive and prophetic dreams ~  spontaneous astral projection and ‘inner knowings’ that could not come from the concrete world we live in were common.  I never really thought I was different from anyone else – and yet my unique experiences never came up in conversation with my family or friends.

My interest in crystals and minerals began as a child – with  earnest  study of their properties and unique  resonance beginning in 1993.  That was the same year  I received my First Level Usui Reiki attunements . I have been dedicated to my continued expansion in the field of energetic healing for over 20 years.

I moved from Granite Falls, WA to Sedona, AZ in 1993. While living there  I  guided many to the well known energetic  vortexes including personal energy balancing work for each guest.sedonawheelweb My specialty was sharing the wisdom of the Native American Medicine wheel – and my passion for nature and shamanic focus were born.

In 1995 I  received my  Reiki Master attunements – and mentored many students while living in Sedona.

Teaching was done at the energy vortexes and attunements were passed at these amazing outdoor locations.  Infusing each attunement with the natural elemental energies for a ‘super charged’ transference of energy – and a powerful introduction to connecting Universal Life Force Energy with our planet’s own natural frequencies.

I was privileged to host  tours to the vortexes for individuals, a tour company and most delightfully private groups including both tours and a class on the energetics of crystals for a group led by James Van Praagh.

I have  continued  my  Reiki training and am  now a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher , A licensed Inner-Faith Minister, A Reconnections Practitioner and I create  energetic power pieces, ‘medicine bags’, magykal pouches, prayer fans  and other personal talismans  – for individuals and practitioners.

Through the last 20 years – ongoing interest, study and application of what I have learned about crystals, minerals, energy, healing,sound and light have been the foundation on which  I live my life.

In 2001 I hosted a Reiki circle on our rural property outside of Seattle, WA.  It wasn’t long before I started creating a small flyer to give our participants.  Focusing on the part an individual plays in their own healing – the flyer became a ‘newsletter’ and then a 40 page magazine distributed in  4 states and online.  From 2001- 2011 Voice of Choices Magazine reached 35,000 readers monthly with printed copies distributed in Sedona, The Pacific NorthWest  and on Maui –  sharing  information and inspiration on many subjects with the intention of assisting others in empowering themselves and creating their ‘bless’d’ lives.


From 2004-2006 I  lived on Maui – and was blessed to work with Reverend Robin Youngbloodkmauicrop
and other wonderful  teachers.

The picture to the left  is an ancient ceremonial ground – just one of the very special spots which
opened the flow of  information ‘downloads’ – and furthered my   path of personal evolution and healing.

My  ongoing desire is to share the concepts and practical application tools I  have  learned –
so others may walk their path in life with balance, health and joy.

It is through this ongoing commitment and desire that the blessings of ‘EarthWise’ Reiki is now  available to you.

Some have  called me ‘healer’ – It is my pleasure to assist in facilitating your  healing, as it best serves you, on your perfect path.

Some have called me  ‘shaman’ – I honor and celebrate  the elemental forces of nature as part of the Divine and walk a path that honors all.  When I am called to assist I act as a channel – speaking and  assisting energetically  in ways I do not pre-plan and often do not remember.  All is done as will best assist you re-discovering the truth of who you are and helping you empower yourself to claim your birthright as the incredible essence of  ‘God’ expressing through you.

Some people  claim I have performed miracles
– could it be  a miracle is possible anytime?  With a shift in perception  and expression our lives can take unexpected turns that serve us even better.  My focus is always on connecting to Universal Life Force energy and following  guidance- in many cases the results have been transformational.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn personal consultations and readings some have asked me  to tell their future – I cannot and will not attempt it.
Your future is yours to create  with every choice you make and each step you take on your unique path you create your future.

Your purpose is between you and your higher power, creator, God or whatever name you choose to call the All that Is.
I can help you get clearer on your current situation.  Share information from your guides and angels and assist you in discovering and developing  tools  to create the future you want – the future you deserve.

Together we can begin to empower that which supports and celebrates you and eliminate what has completed it’s purpose in your life
— allowing you to step more fully into your power and create the future you want and deserve.

I  send Reiki daily – long distance to all requesting healing.
You are welcome to email me to be added to the list for specific intention.
I would love to hear from you – please use this contact form to request information and I’ll respond soon.



I wish you All the Best ~ Always and in All Ways ~ Kathy ‘Whyte Wynde’ Lowden