forwardpaddleEarthWise Reiki offers Reiki classes in the Everett, WA area.  Reiki instruction is also available through an apprenticeship or mentoring program personalized to best fit your needs and schedule.
First Level Usui Reiki Class

If you’ve ever felt a knowing that you can be an active participant in healthier living – Reiki offers a wonderful foundation to build on.

First Level Reiki opens you to the healing energy of Universal Life Force.
Energy you can use any time, no appointment needed. Assisting in relaxation – balance of emotions – an energetic boost – having Reiki ‘on hand’ is a blessing as we re-discover our own ability to heal.

The First Level training  includes information about chakras, color frequencies, Reiki history, connecting with healing energy, creating space for healing and how you can begin to allow more healing to flow through you – for yourself and others.

The First Level Reiki initiation is a powerful and often spiritual experience.
First we raise our vibrational frequencies through clearing, balancing the chakras , meditation and visualization.

Then each person is initiated individually with  a vortex attuning the upper chakras and hand chakras to the Reiki Ray frequency.

Some people have mystical experiences, healings, visions, colors and body sensations.  Reiki initiation can also increase your psychic ability.  Once attuned to Reiki you have it always.

One of the gifts of Reiki is the feeling of being ‘re-connected’ with Source.  It opens the way to new depths of spiritual experience and understanding.  Once you have been initiated, Reiki is activated and Reiki energy can be effortlessly drawn through the body at the pace corresponding to the need as you place your hands on or near your own body or that of another person. Reiki then goes to the level and place where energy is blocked and gently assist in removing those blocks – and raise the vibrational frequency.
The energy, not the practitioner, is healing.  There is no transmission of personal energies between practitioner and receiver

This class includes a comprehensive  Reiki reference book – with information, diagrams, affirmations and meditations.
You will receive  four  first level attunements and a  certificate of completion – First Level USUI Reiki.

Second Level  – Master – Master Teacher and Karuna (TM) Reiki
EarthWise Reiki offers personal mentoring  and group classes in each.

Everything offered through EarthWise Reiki  can  be experienced  in a variety of outdoor settings.  A trip to the beach, a drive to the foothills of the Cascades where we will connect with the amazing power of a sacred  river,  A park overlooking Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, or a longer journey to the destination of your choice.  Connecting with the energetics of nature  infuses an added dimension to teaching, attunements and sessions.  Please ask about those options ~ they are our specialty.

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