EarthWise Reiki  combines  traditional Usui Reiki and  Karuna ™ Reiki  with Indigenous Wisdom of the Ancients
and our planet’s natural healing frequencies.

As we discover our purpose is to assist in creating and allowing balance and healing  within ourselves – each other and our world,  EarthWise Reiki assists   us on our personal path and empowers your  intentions.

EarthWise Reiki is an integrative healing energetic   which honors many traditions as it weaves together the  the similarities  and powerful energetics of Usui & Karuna ™ Reiki  with the natural  healing frequencies of our planet.



Ohm Shanti Shanti
Iava  Iava Iava Iava
Iava Zonar Zonar Zonar Zonar

Rama Kriya Kriya Kriya Rama Rama Kriya
Ohm Shanti Shanti
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Ohm Shanti Ohm


EarthWise Reiki sessions and training are best empowered in an outdoor setting where we connect with Nature’s energetic frequencies.
Whether in a local park, at a beach near water, on the banks of a river, in the forest or the mountains.

EarthWise reiki infuses every experience with what can be best activated and assimilated as we combine traditional Usui reiki, Karuna™ reiki with the stabilizing  power of earth,  breathy expansive movement of wind,  emotional cleansing energies of water and passion of  ‘fire’.

There is truly no ‘common’ denominator in one’s experience of EarthWise reiki.  All who have chosen training or a session have very personal interpretations of their experience.

It is gratitude, desire, intention,  personal commitment and connection to  Universal Life Force – Great Mystery, which is opening the way to the continued expansion of this much needed modality.

At this time we are accepting students for mentoring apprenticeships –
We will be announcing classes, workshops  and retreats in the near future.

Contact us for more information and to schedule your session or discuss training opportunities.

You can use the PayPal link below for making a deposit on your session or training.
Please let us know which you would like your deposit to apply to.