seebeautyfocusI have recently received several phone calls from people convinced they are under psychic attack. These callers have each  named a different attacker, absolutely certain that the individual, group or business was purposely sending negative energy with intention of doing harm.

It is our belief that there is indeed a lot of unsettling energy on our planet at this time. With world events creating an environment of fear, aggression, terrorism and blame, it is no wonder many people are feeling a type of  energy which they perceive as a psychic attack.

We are being called by all the good within our universe to find our way to an internal balance, a sense of personal peace, despite the less than peaceful, unbalanced atmosphere our government and news media have worked so hard to create. Negativity and ‘darkness’ feeds on the energy of those who find a ‘resonance’ with such energy. Might we suggest that energy can only affect those who willingly allow themselves to be affected. Shielding ourselves with white light, finding our level of response – ability within each interpersonal relationship, and moving into our own personal balance and our own spirituality can assist us in creating and experiencing  the most positive life possible.

It may seem easiest to point a finger of blame outside of ourselves, just keep in mind that leaves 3 fingers pointing back at we who do the pointing. Our experience of any situation rests with our interpretation of and reaction to  it, not with the actions of anyone else.

Life offers us many opportunities to choose our own personal interpretations, learn and grow from both personal events and those experienced by our peers, our country and the world. While ‘perfection’ may not seem like an appropriate word to use when speaking of challenging situations, who among us is willing to claim the all-knowing understanding which can place a label of good or less-than on any given set of circumstances.

In 1995 I was married to a man who’s ethics and morals were considerably different than my own. My skills at creating promotional materials and organizing events provided him with ‘customers’ and ‘students’ he would otherwise have never reached. As I began to clarify for myself the level of involvement in his ‘business’ which was appropriate for me, I pulled my support away from his endeavors. I could not continue to condone his choices, let alone promote his ‘work’. As I removed myself from his activities  I perceived  increasing negative energy being directed at me. He began to ignore the promises of marriage and I began to experience his actions as ‘attacks’.

On a spiritual level this was indeed an attack. In actuality an all out war. The war was not being waged by my ex-husband. The negativity was not being created by him. The attack was one which would prove to break down walls, destroy false beliefs and force me to set my own most appropriate parameters.

At that time in my life I held him to blame for this attack when in reality it was own conscience  attacking me. My inner being was not comfortable with the commitment I had made to be supportive of his actions. In order that I might bring my life into balance with my own belief system and values it was necessary for me to differentiate my energy from his.  It was imperative that I learn to shield myself from the energy of others when that energy did not resonate with my life purpose.

While I am not really thankful for his actions, I AM thankful for the opportunity to grow past the level of self development at which I was still willing to blame someone outside of myself for my life’s events.

Gratitude and grace, realizing that  with some amount of grace we might eventually find  importance in the days that ‘try our souls’. Knowing that, in the bigger picture, the lesson provided by being forced outside of our comfort zone is one often not available in any other way. Darkness and light – while I’ve met people who claim they leave all but the light outside their front door- I wonder, is it better to find a way to integrate both and grow or to store darkness on the threshold, waiting to assault us with each step we take out  into  the world.whatifperspective

With the incredible energy turned loose on our planet as many find their way to stay within love, acceptance and balance, there are truly  some wonderful opportunities for personal and planetary evolution. Find your heart, move towards your goals, balance your reactions in the manner which best serves you and those your life touches – and bless what you may see as a ‘mess’ The world needs all of us to exhibit our best traits as humanity takes quantum leaps into a more peaceful expression of life.

As a great master once said – Love thine enemies as you would love yourself. And please, remember that one person’s opinion may differ greatly from that of someone else. The lesson you find within any given situation may be very different than the lesson it holds for others. Taking away the opportunity for growth, regardless of your interpretation, judgment or attitude regarding the manner in which it manifests – steps in the way of their personal development.
~ Blssssssngs in all your choices