EarthWise Reiki offers sessions to assist you in relaxation and healing.

Your Comfort is Important

In any Reiki session it is important that you,  the client (recipient) feel comfortable and relaxed.  Many practitioners offer sessions with their client laying on a massage table.
A headrest, pillow for under the knees, a lightweight blanket or sheet and other accessories may help provide that comfort.

Reiki can work well with you seated in a comfortable chair or  standing-  if that is your preference.  The option of relaxing on a massage table can allow you to rest fully. Sometimes you may even find yourself drifting into sleep during a session.

YES – You Remain Dressed

Reiki moves through clothing – and while you may choose to allow your reiki practitioner to put their hands on your body, reiki can be just as effective with the hands placed above the body if that suits you best.  There is never any reason or need to remove clothing to receive reiki.  There is however, a school of thought that removing metal jewelry, glasses and restrictive belts is appropriate – so your practitioner may suggest you do so.

What to Expect

During a Reiki session the practitioner will move their hands to a variety of places around or on your body.  With special attention to appropriate placement, there is always a respect for the client’s body and private parts.

Usui and Karuna Reiki sessions  are available to fit your schedule.
Sessions can be shared at your location – office – hospital – nursing home or we can set up time to work long distance or via skype online.

For more information on sessions and services while you are in a hospital, rehab center or medical procedure click here.

These can be scheduled by email using this contact form.

Please include the date you would like an appointment, your
phone number and the best time to call you back for discussing details of your session.

In-person sessions are 50 minutes – with 10 minutes before/after your session for introduction and integration of the energy.
A total of 1 hour – $60.

Multiple sessions and/or ongoing treatment are also available when that best suits the need.
Packages of multiple sessions are available – inquire about prices.
*Sliding scale is also available if necessary – again, please inquire for details.


Long Distance Sessions

Email me to set up your long distance Reiki session.
Long Distance sessions may run from 20 minutes to 1/2 hour.
(longer sessions available on request)

All you need to do is make your deposit payment using the
Paypal link below.  Once received we will set up your session.
Payment in full is appreciated at time of your session –
Unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Sessions can take place via Skype – if you’d like to connect face to face.  Reiki works just as well without using Skye and I can share insights/details  by phone, email or in  FaceBook chat.

I often ‘receive’ inspirational information from your guides and angels during a Reiki session and will be glad to share details if you want them.

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