Reiki and Personal Assistance
Whether in-home, rehabilitation center,  assisted living facility, adult family home or hospital – reiki provides a calming energy which supports your  body in healing and best expression of health.

There are many examples of Reiki assisting with a variety of health challenges.

Some of the possible (and often experienced) effects of Reiki Include and are not limited to:
Diminished headache and other pain
A feeling of calm
Ability to rest or sleep
Accelerated healing
Lowering of blood pressure
Stabilizing of heart rate
MS, CFS and Fibromyalgia patients often report wonderful results – especially with regular sessions.
Can Reiki Help YOU?

Please explore the links at the bottom of this page for more information on how Reiki can be of help to you and your loved ones.

Reiki is not to be used as a substitute for health care treatment or advice from the healthcare professional of your choice.

Hospital Visits:

As a licensed minister with the Universal Life Church I am able to sit with and offer Reiki to you or a loved one in hospital – even when visitors are not allowed.
These visits can be at a rehabilitation center, assisted living center, adult family home  as well as a hospital.

Weekend – Emergency and Hospital  visits – in the Greater Snohomish County area
$50 min. with maximum of $100 for up to 3 hours.

Reiki during your medical procedure or treatment

I am available to accompany you to medical procedures and treatments.  Reiki can assist you in remaining calm and getting the most benefit from your treatment.
Price will vary depending on the time you need me.  min. charge $50

smilingwoman copyIn Home Assistance

Certified in Home Health Care – State of Washington in  2009, I am certified in CPR and First Aid with training in dementia care.  My services include in-home Reiki sessions and also assistance without Reiki.
Combination packages to best serve you and your loved ones are available. The list below offers suggestions of what can be included.

A 1 hour visit can include:

15 minute short Reiki session can be combined with
Companion during meal
Wake up or Good Night tuck in to offer a daily visit if family is far away.
You can also choose Reiki for the full hour
I charge  $50 for a one hour visit.

Longer  visits  can include:
Extended Reiki session
Meal preparation and/or companion during meal
Wake up or Good Night tuck in
Meal preparation ‘with leftovers’ – or even food prep of  healthy meals for the week.
I charge $50 per 1 hour visit with extra hours at $25 each

In-home Companionship/Assistance
If you are desiring general in-home companionship and assistance  – I offer  four hours for $80 without Reiki.
For Wake Up or Good Night Tuck In – without Reiki – 90 minutes is $50
Please feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation and discover what will best serve the needs of you and your loved ones.


121812I am available throughout the Greater Snohomish County area
and can come to your home or visit you where you are.
Longer distances are possible by mutual agreement.
I approach every client as a compassionate friend – with integrity, honesty and respect for their choices.
In addition to 20 years of Reiki experience  and  years of care giving  I  have a background in cooking, hospitality and heading up my own small business – combining each to create an experience
which is both personalized and professional.

Please contact me and we can discuss what will best serve you and your loved ones.


The following links offer more information about the benefits of Reiki.  From stress relief to pain management – surgical recovery to ongoing support throughout your medical treatment – Reiki has been shown to be a helpful and non-invasive addition to a comprehensive care plan.
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“A Look at Northfield Medicine – Is Reiki Right for You?” More information on the benefits of Reiki.