The word  Reiki comes  from two Japanese words – Rei which means universal and Ki which means life force.
Other words for Ki  are the Sanskrit word Prana, the Chinese Chi or Qi the Hawaiian word Mana and may be referred to as vital energy or breath.

Reiki (ray-key) is a system (modality)  of natural energy healing that is  non-invasive.  A Reiki practitioner may place their  hands on the client or the hands can be held over the client’s body without touching.  Reiki can be sent to people over distances and over time.

How Does Reiki Work?
Reiki energy  works throughout the body. It works  on our  mind, our emotions,  our energy field and our spiritual being.  Reiki treatments can release energy that is blocked  and reduce stress – which assists in relaxation.  Reiki energy goes wherever needed in the body and body’s energy field called the aura.  It can help to cleanse energetic and physical toxins and can help in improving  our overall health.

As a healing modality, Reiki can help alleviate physical, emotional, mental or spiritual suffering.  When we think or speak of healing we often  think of our physical health. When we  understand that healing is wholeness – and the practice of healing means becoming whole on all levels of our being – mental, spiritual and physical we open ourselves to true healing.

Reiki is a relaxation technique that can also promote healing.

Reiki is often felt as a warm soothing energy flows through the hands to the client – promoting relaxation and helping release tension.
I began offering Reiki sessions in person and long distance in 1993.
I’ve been sharing the teaching attunements of Reiki – from 1st level through Master – since 1995.

While most often referred to when discussing  physical healing,  Reiki can also be very effective in easing our  emotions, balancing our energy and in doing so calming our mental processes.  This in itself aids the body in relaxing and empowering a more full general wellness.` including assisting in the healing of dis-ease.

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy
With the stressors and challenges in our lives, the gentle energy of  Reiki is often especially effective in balancing and empowering the body  for greater expression of health and well-being

Reiki works to unblock, energize and balance your body’s  system of  energy centers called chakras.  Since everything is energy – and each chakra is associated with  important parts and functions  of your body- Reiki is the perfect energetic healing modality to ‘tune up’ your chakras and assist your body in wellness.

The Reiki practitioner is not a’ healer’
Though we often hear the term ‘healer’ associated with those who share Reiki – that is not an accurate description.  While many of us have been taught to look outside of ourselves for healing and answers – Reiki moves through the practitioner – to the client.  It is the client’s mind/body/spirit which create the response of healing.  The practice of Reiki and the sharing of a Reiki session open the practitioner to acting as a conduit through which Reiki energy  flows to the client ‘through the practitioner’ not  ‘from the practitioner’.  As a channel for Reiki energy I act as  a ‘hollow reed’ – my intention that the energy your body, mind and spirit can use to find wholeness flow through me – to you.  It is also important to be clear that there is a difference between the word ‘heal’ and the word ‘cure’.
When our whole being can come into alignment with what we are experiencing. When we can find a sense of peace and acceptance – refusing to ‘fight’ what is labelled dis-ease we can be healed despite the appearance of physical symptoms which suggest we are not ‘cured’.



Reiki is not ‘Religious’

There are those who associate Reiki with ‘laying on of hands’. While it can be an agreed upon choice between practitioner and recipient to actually place hands on the body – it is not necessary. The practitioner does not need to touch you and may simply hold their hands within a few inches of your body and allow Reiki to flow. There is also no need to remove any clothing – Reiki energy easily moves through your clothes.

There is no specific Religion associated with Reiki. Many Spiritual Belief Systems do embrace the energetic concepts of Reiki while the name  may be different. It is not necessary to hold any specific belief – nor is it necessary to hold any spiritual belief at all. Water does not freeze because it gets religion – it freezes when the movement of cells shifts. No God figure required.

Reiki is  ‘shared’ completely clothed, on a massage table, while seated, standing or in the manner most appropriate for those involved.

Reiki can be ‘sent’ long distance. After 2nd level attunements a practitioner can ‘work’ with someone across the room or across the world.

Reiki simply infuses the body with more ‘Chi’ or ‘Ki’ life force energy to assist in the process of balancing and healing.

The component of Reiki I find to be most helpful is that it  relaxes the physical body,  mental and emotional bodies.  Relaxation can be an important key to healing  because in many cases what affects our health the most these days is very often caused or exacerbated by the level of stress in our daily life.

Scientific research is under way to learn more about how Reiki works.  Reiki has shown an  ability to reduce pain. The energetics of Reiki can  promote sleep. It has been shown to  assist in creating improved immune function and reduce the side-effect of  drugs.  These results  have been and continue to be  documented empirically.

Reiki – Universal Life Force Energy  is the vibration of life which flows through everything around us.

When we speak of ‘healing’ it is important to note that the first step in healing is to desire to be well and whole.  Our  motivation to be well and our  intention to act in our own focusnowwebbehalf,  is of key importance  in our personal healing process.    Reiki can assist in  empowering us to become whole in all ways.

Reiki will not harm anyone because the underlying principle of Reiki energy is that it can do no harm and cannot be used for any harmful purpose.  Specifically, Reiki treatments enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  When the mind, body and spirit become unbalanced, the result can be  illness or ‘dis’ease.  Wellness is achieved  by returning the entire being to harmony and balance with itself and also with the Earth and the Universe.

Plants, animals and even machines can benefit from Reiki energy.   It can be used in Earth healing.
For more information on traditional  Usui (Japanese) Reiki,  Karuna ™ Reiki and EarthWise Reiki please enjoy exploring this website.