Releasing A Dream

Releasing a Dreamvocawakencovweb

One by one, I take each step as I see it appear before me.  I can no longer plan for a future with intention of controlling how that future will look.

Remembering an article I once chose not  to publish in Voice of Choices Magazine. The author’s heartfelt intent was to guide readers through the process of successfully  manifesting their goal.

Laying out the steps – listing the process – the article read like a recipe.

The implication was that – if  we followed a set of directions – a detailed plan based on what was known-  made up of  what we could determine at the beginning of the process, we could step by step follow a specific path and arrive at our desired destination – our  goal created as desired.

In life the ingredients we use may or may not produce the dish expected.
A cup of love – a pound of joy – handful of focus and intention stirred just right and cooked for proper time at the appropriate temperature will always create what is in the highest and greatest good…… AND what is created in the highest and greatest good may or may not end up ‘looking like’ the end result
we desired.

There are many who suggest  all it takes is complete belief in a dream, focus, patience and hard work and as if by that practically applied  magyk the  dream will find fruition.

As the calendar page turns to June 14, 2013 – my experience of that formula suggests otherwise.

Yes – designing an outline of our intentions as we proceed in the process of manifesting our goals is helpful.
Yes – having an idea of the dedication which will be required can assist in supporting our ongoing progress.
Yes – brainstorming ideas that may play a part on the path to success empowers us with practical possibilities.

As life continues to unfold – and when we ask it to serve up the best possible in every situation……. we may discover details unknown when our desire was birthed.
Wonderful opportunities may arise – looking like a positive or cloaked in experience that feels very different.
Synchronicities that empower our outline – and sometimes twists in the path that redirect us through challenge that must be faced if our choice is to continue.

Best Laid Plans
There is an old saying about the ‘best laid plans’ .   An open attitude as our journey unfolds may allow us to recognize new energies available to support our goals.
That same open attitude can be a blessing when our ultimate goal is to create a ‘feeling’ rather than a specific concrete world reality…. especially if the challenges we encounter no longer fit within our comfort zone.

It is also said that we must be willing to do whatever it takes. Remember – you get to choose.
Are you willing to truly BE whatever it takes? Or could whatever it takes  include going  beyond what you are willing to BE?

If Not This – Something Better

Today is the last day Voice of Choices Magazine will be online.  I have discovered that sometimes there are a kind of ‘ghost’ copies of articles and websites that appear even after webhosting has been discontinued.   That could be  – what I know for sure is that there has been no renewal of the web hosting plan and June 14th is the final day of that agreement.

The ‘recipe’ ended up requiring ingredients I could not supply.

The Journey Has Been Incredible

‘This or something better’ reminded me of the feeling I want to create – rather than the concrete world
reality that I may have believed would provide that feeling.

The fold-over flyer from my reiki circle in 2001 culminated in a publication of 40 pages that reached literally millions of readers in its 12 year lifespan.

There were things I ‘could’ have done to continue publication.  They were not within my comfort zone – nor did they fit with my ethics or the VoC mission statement.|

Today – as most of the poster size covers – featuring artwork from the most amazing artists – have been removed from the walls of my sweet little apartment ,  ‘something better’ is being given space to evolve.

It feels as if a part of me has died – and yet for my personal well-being and ongoing celebration of life – release is necessary.

In August of 2011 – with the last printed issue – I put Voice of Choices Magazine on a kind of ‘life support’ system and built a new website to continue sharing online.dannysangelvoccov

Having been informed of a ‘DNR’  (medical directive – ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ )  I had not acknowledged  – it is with great honor and love that I disconnect Voice of Choices Magazine from the   life support I have provided.

The adventure of a lifetime – a path I could not have planned nor envisioned – taken a step at a time now comes full circle.

I cannot come close to conveying the fullness of my gratitude for each and every person who was a part of this incredible publication.

Back to Reiki.  Back to the foundation for which VoC was created.
EarthWise  Reiki has emerged from it’s gestational cocoon.

And the ongoing intention  continues to include a question which helps to create the ever evolving perfection of Divine Right Order.

How DOES it Get Even Better Than This?

Blssssngs in all your choices
Ka Lei Aloha Ina Kapuna
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo


All the Best!
Always and in ALL WAYS!
~Kathy ‘Whyte Wynde’ Lowden


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