Rock Your World


Rock Your World!

Rocks – Minerals – Crystals – Stones
as with everything in our world – each has  its  own unique energy and vibration.

Are there really happy rocks, rocks to protect you and rocks that soothe your emotions?

Come learn about how to  pick your crystals.

Discover how you can  connect with the energy of the mineral kingdom.

Explore the associations between colors, chakras, and the rocks you choose.
Learn about grounding, protection, relaxation and balance.

Learn how to ‘clear’ ~ ‘cleanse’ ~ and ‘program’ your crystals to best fulfill your intentions.

 Bring your favorite rocks with you ~ I’ll bring mine.selenitehandlefan
You might want to bring a pen, pencil and too.  Journaling is encouraged.

You may also  find some new treasures among those available at Moddejonge’s Herbals.

We’d love to have you join us for a fun evening of ‘playing with rocks’!


Thursday June 27th at 7pm
Moddejonge’s Herbals
1905 1/2 Hewitt
Everett, WA

Please let us know you are coming by calling Lynn Moddejonge  at 425.610.4458
Or with this contact form
This class is facilitated by Kathy ‘Whyte Wynde’ Lowden ~ RMT

Kathy’s 20 years of experience in energetic healing and her shamanic focus began with an affinity to the rock and mineral world. Connecting that to her natural intuition created a catalyst for continued understanding and fueled her shamanic focus.

Wondering about the teacher?
Click on the link above for more information on my background, focus and experience.