What is Finding Peace?

May Day! May Day! May Day!
It was many years ago
on a 95 foot crab boat heading into Yakutat Alaska that
my skpper put out an  emergency call for assistance.
The hull of the boat punctured,  ‘we’ were also taking
on water over the decks.

This is NOT a Drill
The ‘survival suit drill’ the week  before  still fresh in our mental and physical memory came in handy, as we donned the heavy outer  protective ‘skin’  and launched our well outfitted survival raft- jumping into the cold waters of the Gulf of Alaska before dawn on a very January morning.

I learned many things that early January morning.
One major concept was if you ever have to abandon ship
you jump as far out from the boat as you can.
The vessel may ‘list’ to one side, creating a powerful vacuum effect
– and going ‘down’ with  ‘ a sinking ship’  is
what you’re trying to avoid.


Adventure – yes – my life has been filled with amazing opportunities to learn and grow.
As my choices became less ‘wild’ the opportunities didn’t stop. Almost 30 years later I am reminded that, while I may not see it at the time, life is always pushing me to the next best expression of myself.
It may not feel like a gift…. or even a blessing – at the time when reality shifts and you discover you must jump- or reap the unique set of circumstances not always defined as ‘rewards’ by staying a course that has fulfilled its value.

Life will always offer   reality checks to help decide whether ‘where’ you are is a situation you’d like to continue co-creating  If our lives are about personal growth and soul evolution could  our families and ‘intimate’ friends could be here to help us
shift into more honestly expressing ourselves and building respect filled interactions?

Another look?
What if, with a shift of perception, we choose to look at the aspects of our life which seem to create fear, conflict and unease as tools we can use to enrich our lives and fine tune our personal vibration? Could it be we can best define our direction when we discover we are not where we want to be?

Everything in our world IS vibration. Sound, light, atoms, molecules, thoughts… everything, beginning with the tiniest particle is in motion. As for creating our reality by taking charge of our thinking, thoughts create attitude. Attitude attracts to us similar attitude and voila’ that fleeting idea crossing your consciousness which gives you a reason to smile. We attract a very different response from others when the choice is to interact with than a less positive attitude.

It is human to approach life with a hidden agenda.
We easily  ‘connect’ with the reality/illusion of what we already believe to be true.

Our ‘story’ – our beliefs combined with memories and emotion – set a tone for what we expect. When we get caught up in the thoughts running through our heads it can be difficult to see or create any other experience. And yet – our own version of reality never totally matches up with anyone else. Why not begin to shift our agenda?

What would it be like to stop expecting more of the same? How could our lives change if we truly begin to step into our own power, direct our thoughts, choose our emotions and start the ball rolling to manifest what best serves us?

I’ve been working alot lately with the Hawaiian Ho’Oponopono concepts. I Love YOU. I AM sorry. Please Forgive ME. Thank YOU. This process is used to untie the entangled connections created in our minds and hearts – which then play out as we interpret the world around us

What if the lessons shared don’t have an expiration date. What if it is always an option to ‘wake up’ and discover a new gift of perception  we may have overlooked?

So, as I call up my own memories of a cold dark morning just outside Yakutat Alaska  in the early 1980’s – I still remember taking someone’s  word and following a course that ‘should’ have created smooth sailing.

My own inner knowing refused to be silent and in the face of fear that the directions I had been  given were definitely not creating the desired outcome – I attempted to avert

Raphael - ‘Empathy’  From the - Angels of Atlantis - Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce Illustrated by Richard Crookes - This card reminds of of the simplicity of the beautiful lotus - symbol of enlightenment and compassion.     www.FindhornPress.com

Raphael – ‘Empathy’ From the – Angels of Atlantis – Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce
Illustrated by Richard Crookes – This card reminds of of the simplicity of the beautiful lotus – symbol of enlightenment and compassion. www.FindhornPress.com

what was unavoidable. The boat’s skipper  could not  hear the high level of concern in my voice as I tried  to wake  him up to take charge.
Action was too slow in coming to avoid the outcome.

No Blame
There was never any personal blame associated with this  event ~ it was beyond my control.
Each participant in the story had a level of respons- ability which ultimately created a challenging situation no one wanted.

It is interesting that I can sometimes detect a similar theme playing out in my life today; somehow believing that ‘instructions’ meant to guide are set in stone, unchangeable and to be followed ultimately and without question….. right up to a point where my ‘buttons’ are pushed and I find myself having to change course, ask for help and open to letting go of an agenda which does nothing to serve the current situation.

So I choose to continue my Ho’Oponopono work. I love YOU. I AM sorry. Please Forgive ME. Thank YOU. I cannot know what life holds in store. If I continue to hold an opinion about myself or anyone else that claims ‘blame’ or suggests purposeful negligence or wrongdoing- the only one that feels the effects of those judgments is me.

What If?
What if the people and events in my life that seem to be ‘pushing
my buttons’ are here to assist me in dropping an agenda that no longer serves my best interest … and maybe not the best interest of others?

Maybe I can begin to discover a new way to ‘Find Peace’ with What Is
and re-focus my attention on the now in a way that I can be a part of creating a more balanced expression
of experience and reality ….. in what is to come.

All the Best ~ Always and in All Ways~
Kathy ‘Whyte Wynde’ Lowden